Producer, Director, Camera Operator, Editor



Video 1:


The first video is a TV show that I produced, wrote, directed and edited called “Locals Only Pasadena”. This is a project that I came up with because I wanted to do something featuring the hidden treasures within the local community and the surrounding businesses in the area. It was aired on PBS and the local public access channels in Pasadena.


Locals Only Pasadena Episode 3 Director, Editor and created Motion Graphics

Video 2:


The second video is a behind the scenes clip for the ABC TV show Body of Proof starring Dana Delany. I came up with the concept, interviewed the cast and crew, edited the final video and prepped the final video for delivery to the studio Home Video division at ABC Studios.


Behind the Scenes Director, Editor and created Motion Graphics

Video 3:


The third video is one that I produced for the City of Pasadena. I wrote, directed and edited the promo video to inform the public on the causes for Pasadena Water and Power’s rate changes. The video was presented to the public in a movie theater over three days and later was available online.


Pasadena Water & Power Energy Roadmap 2014 Director, Editor and created Motion Graphics

Sample Pictures: